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The best way to use body language to seduce women

Using body language to attract women is one of the most brilliant things a man can do.

Women love men who are confident and display this through body language. One of the ways you can let the world know that you are confident and dominant is by dominating the space you are in.

For example you're in a hotel waiting room and you're sitting on a sofa or love-seat. Instead of sitting up, all "prim and proper", sprawl out instead. Prop your legs up and take up the entire space by sitting on the couch sideways. You can always make room for the woman to sit down, but you can be sure that she'll recognize your confidence and be automatically drawn to your dominance.

Any indication that you're insecure about yourself can potentially ruin a woman's perception of who you are. If this is your first time with her (and her first impression of you), it's best that you make sure you come across confident and in control of yourself.

You should refrain from fidgety behavior, tapping your foot, looking around, avoiding eye contact, slumping over, etc. Doing any of these will automatically cause her attention to wander elsewhere, quite possibly toward the guy across the room who is confidently sprawled out on the couch.

When a woman knows a man is trying to win her attention, she'll think it's cute, and she's likely to feel admired. However, there is such a thing as trying too hard. Trying too hard may cause you to come across as fake, annoying, and even silly and amateur.

Women want a man who isn't afraid to maintain an air of mystery about what they're doing. Even if the pursuit of her emotions and heart remain unspoken, it's still much better than trying too hard and giving yourself away.

The way to attract women is to not come on too strong.

One particular thing you can do but must always be very careful with is to express energy in her presence. Be sure to maintain confident, positive thoughts at all times when you're around a woman you like, as she will be able to sense it on the outside.

Maintain respect when it comes to her "comfort zone"

Try not to invade her personal space. Invading a woman's personal space or comfort zone is not good, unless she invites you in. Using body language to attract women by touching, poking, and friendly, flirty, soft "punches" on the shoulder are okay, but should not be overdone. Too much and she'll assume you're a creep.

The key is confidence. You can always tell when a guy is confident about himself by the way he carries himself. Using body language to attract women with the tao of badass is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it's sure to work every time. Visit for more great info.


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